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Annabelle’s Interior Designer, Terri Davis and the Mediterranean Revival in Lutz, Florida

When Terri’s client purchased a stunning Mediterranean home just outside of Tampa, Florida, he inherited a number of gorgeous finishes, elegant window treatments custom-made for the space…and a living room with a challenging footprint. Fortunately, he found his way to Annabelle’s Furniture & Interior Design where Terri was ready to help him create just the right solution for the space.

Terri relied on her intricate understanding of scale, proportion, color and rhythm to devise a floor plan that flows seamlessly within the space. She opted to skip the traditional living room sofa and instead brought in four oversized chairs from Stanford in a rich copper velvet that complements, rather than competes with, the existing stone and granite finishes and the view beyond. A round 54” quilted leather cocktail ottoman from Hancock & Moore ties the arrangement together, resulting in an intimate seating area perfect for entertaining both friends and business associates. The faux crocodile texture of this statement-making piece features rich saddle tones of brown and orange. The ottoman also has a built-in tray for everyday use, making it as functional as it is stylish.

The success of the living room design encouraged the client to work with Terri to devise creative solutions throughout his home. In the dining room, existing gold and black draperies provide a dramatic backdrop for the striking Lillian August dining table featuring a black base and walnut top with striped ebony inlay and gold accents. An exquisite set of two-tone black lacquer and gold striped French style Hickory White chairs with fleur-de-lis carving and cabriole legs provided the final touch to this elegant Mediterranean setting.

The master bedroom was the one space in which the client wanted to make a departure from the style of the rest of the home, without disrupting the overall continuity. Terri centered the design on an ornate king size upholstered bed from Hooker Furniture in bouclé fabric with button tufting and mirrored banding in an antique silver finish. Bombay bachelor chests in coordinated matching antique silver wash add to the room’s ambiance and provided ample storage space. Light, airy window treatments and mirrored finishes provide the finishing touches to this luxurious retreat.

In the end, the client was delighted with the outcome and continues to seek Terri’s advice in his search for the perfect accessories to complete the space. By taking the time to fully understand her client’s likes and dislikes, Terri was able to narrow down the possibilities that best suited his style and the character of the home, delivering a fresh perspective on a Mediterranean home. Additionally, Terri’s ability to mix moderately priced furniture with some higher-end statement making pieces allowed her to stay within her client’s budget without sacrificing design continuity.

Annabelle’s Interior Designer, Terri Davis and the Modern Downsize in St. Petersburg

Downsizing can be challenging. Downsizing while also making a dramatic shift in design style can be overwhelming. When a previous client contacted Terri to explain that she and her husband would be moving out of their transitional home into a much smaller, distinctly modern space, Terri set to work creating a design plan that would ensure a seamless transition.

The key consideration in designing the new home was the extensive art collection they had amassed throughout the years. Because the homeowners brought Terri in during the first phase of construction, she was able to make certain spatial recommendations with the kitchen layout so that it did not encroach too much on the living and dining spaces. She was also able to advise on permanent fixtures, such as flooring, cabinets and wall color to ensure the space flowed seamlessly.

The couple chose to forgo the architect’s signature all-white interior design, opting for a color palette infused with subtle grays, rich wood tones and pops of orange that lend a warm, welcoming feel to the modern space.

Terri was able to repurpose a number of the clients’ existing furnishings in the upstairs loft. The downstairs spaces, however, called for all new pieces. Terri turned to the Vanguard Michael Weiss Collection, which offered a number of pieces that fit perfectly with the design vision. The living room featured an upholstered off-white sofa in a high-performance Crypton fabric. Much to the homeowner’s delight, the durable fabric made it possible to have a light neutral sofa capable of withstanding regular wear with minimal upkeep. A Bernadette swivel barrel chair was added to the room. The swivel chair’s low profile is a great complement in the new modern design.

To stay on budget and infuse a more moderate contemporary feel, Hooker accent pieces and Design Master Chairs were worked into the mix. The upholstered chairs feature sleek lines and neutral gray tones that coordinate with the other pieces. The dining room included a new Vanguard buffet and a beautiful light wood-top table with a metal base. The dining table’s stately clean lines also reinforce the home’s modern design.

One of the biggest challenges was finding space for the couples’ extensive art glass and pottery collection. The higher-end modern display pieces did not appeal to the clients’ taste. A much simpler contemporary curio from Howard Miller fit the bill, but the finish wasn’t right for the space. The solution to move the piece from traditional to classic modern design was to bring in a faux painter to custom finish the pieces to perfectly complement the space while staying on budget.

Terri worked closely with her clients throughout the project, taking the time to understand their needs and preferences along the way. The result is a home that not only flows seamlessly from the outside in, as well as from room to room, but one that also offers a true reflection of the clients’ personal style.

Annabelle’s Interior Designer, Terri Davis and the New Traditional Home in Tampa, FL

Building a new home often precipitates a shift in a new phase of the home owner’s life. Years earlier Terri had created a beautiful Mediterranean oasis for her clients who were now ready to downsize and simplify their lives.  Their desire was for a more relaxed atmosphere with cleaner lines which introduced some contemporary elements while still giving a nod to the elegant traditional style they had been accustomed to.

Upon entering the home you are immediately captivated by the ocean blue tray ceiling which directs you into a large living area anchored by an overscale and stately Bernhardt cocktail table.  Some existing marble and iron tables are juxtaposed alongside the large leather sofa with recliners on either end.

Jessica Charles swivel chairs are strategically placed to swing around and become part of the outdoor patio which overlooks a serene lake view.  The kitchen plays center stage connecting the large open floor plan to an eating area large enough to hold a 72” round modern Artistica table that sits eight very sleek Design Master dining chairs which have a little sparkle in the fabric. The kitchen island was designed with a small intimate sitting nook at the end as there was no other formal dining area.  Most of the seating is neutral throughout with pops of ocean blue and orange bringing depth and energy to the space.  Dangling crystals in the light fixtures and a mirrored console bring in a little elegance and bling.

Opening off the great room is a study where a contemporary Bernhardt desk interacts comfortably with a more traditional office cabinet with a dropdown work area. Fine art lamps and other accents from their previous home are incorporated here for an unexpected and interesting mix of styles.

The master bedroom takes a romantic turn with the use of soft lavender on the wall with aqua accents. The traditional Hooker bed is paired with more contemporary black nightstands and ties in the existing Habersham buffet previously purchased at Annabelle’s and has since been repurposed as a TV cabinet.  A mix of contemporary and traditional art owned by the clients as well as a Fine Art floor lamp next to a sleek Cox chaise perfectly unites the diverse preferences of the owners.

The most challenging aspect of this project was the adjoining living, dining and kitchen areas.  Creating very specific points of interest that did not ‘get lost’ in the space was essential. Careful consideration was given to scale, rhythm, color and positioning.  As a result, an over-scale 48” round drum light with hanging crystals is used to anchor the dining area and provide pops of color.

The clients contacted Terri for consultation prior to starting construction so all finish elements, including cabinet and tile details were perfectly coordinated with the furnishings to create a harmony in the home that flowed effortlessly from room to room.

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