3 Ways to update your home’s interior and 3 simple steps to make it happen!

Tip #1: Color

Tell the designer your favorites. She’ll guide you to shades of those colors that are in style today. Also be aware that some colors are classic. Certain shades of blue will almost always be in style.  We recommend you wrap yourself in colors that please you. Your designer knows how to use them so they blossom with fresh interest and emphasis.

Tip #2: Tackle Specific Problems First

Think about what frustrates you most with your current space.  What’s missing? Do you need better seating? Is the lighting inadequate? Do you need more storage space? The bottom line: determine how you’d like the space to work, and we’ll help you identify what’s in the way of that.

Tip #3: Decide what has to stay

Is there anything that you really like? Any collections, heirlooms, antiques, or favorite pieces? If the answer is “I hate all of it. It all has to go,” that’s OK too.   Just make sure to tell the designer what has to stay. Keep nothing that causes frustration. When it’s all done, you’ll find each room can be as pleasing as the next.

Now that you’re ready to update your interior, let’s make it happen!

Step 1:  Visit our showroom / design center

Our talented interior designers get a sense of your preferences and style after a short discussion in our design center and a brief walk with you throughout our showroom.   Can’t make the trip to our Odessa showroom?  No problem, we’ll come to you…

Step 2: We come to you!

Your interior designer will visit your home to get the lay of the land. She’ll bring a tape measure and talk through the finer stylistic and spatial points.  Save time by bringing a floor plan or photos of your home to your initial showroom visit. 

Step 3:  Confirm the plan

Your interior designers will put together a proposal (within your budget) that meets the high standards you set for your home.  And our interior design services are included with your purchase.