3 Tips to Make A House Your Home. 

Functional design for your family and budget

Are you ready to transform a house into your amazing home?  Start with these three tips. 

Tip #1 Make Your Rooms Functional

Your home should be more than a museum. Quality design and furniture should be as functional as it is beautiful. Some basic concepts to keep in mind when creating a highly functional room or home include:

  • Does each piece in a room have a function? If the answer is no you may want to rethink the piece. Does anyone play that grand piano? No? Then consider a better use of this space. 
  • Maximize the vertical space by utilizing bookcases, cabinets and shelves – serving both function and style. 
  • Be mindful of traffic patterns and consider complementary pieces without adding clutter.   A well-placed sideboard can add to a room’s aesthetics while keeping your dog’s leash and other pet supplies concealed. 

Tip #2 Your Rooms Should Support Your Family’s Lifestyle

Everyone’s lifestyle is as unique as their fingerprint. Your home should support the unique life you and your family lead. Unfortunately, many of us don’t know how to build a room that completely compliments our family’s lifestyle. We know what we love and what we love to do, but we don’t know how to reflect this in our interior design choices. For example, how do you use your sofa? Is it to look out your window at the butterfly garden or used with your children to play board games?   Fortunately, Annabelle’s can help you match your family’s unique lifestyle to an equally unique home.

Tip #3 Elicit the Right Emotion for Each Room

The last thing you want to feel when entering a room in your home is anxiety. We have all had spaces in our home that have brought us unwanted feelings when we enter them. Whether that is due to clutter, low light, or one of many other factors, there is a basic psychological reason we react to certain rooms, and you can control this through some of these same variables.

  • Warm textured fabrics and soothing color tones give off a feeling of comfort. Your master bedroom is a great place to explore these options.
  • Many people give extra attention to their front room or formal living area where they proudly welcome guests.  Similar to a woman wearing a new pair of designer shoes, a homeowner can provide a stunning first impression simply by hanging the right drapery. 
  • Going back to functionality, your emotional response to a room can be improved by increasing the functionality of the items in the room.

Following these three concepts can help you turn a house into a home that you love, on a plan that fits your budget. Annabelle’s can help you along this journey. Contact a member of our interior design team and begin living freely and comfortably while creating lasting memories in your home.

4 common questions among homeowners.

We’ve heard four common questions from clients who are looking to transform their home. 

Common question #1.  Can this be done within my budget? 

Absolutely.  You might be surprised at how much can be achieved on a fixed budget.  With the right interior design, a brand new look and feel for your home is well within your reach. 

Common question #2.  Can my ‘home’ still be elegant? 

Don’t be mistaken.  Your ‘home’ can be just as elegant as a ‘house’ found in a magazine or a well-designed model.  The difference is your home incorporates your individual taste – making it personable, functional, and of course… beautiful!   

Common question #3. What if I’m not into ‘warm and cozy’?

True, many people associate a home with a warm and cozy feel, but don’t fret if you’re not into that, there are plenty of other ways to make this transformation as previously noted.  Remember, while any dwelling can become a house, only a home is a true representation of your lifestyle.   

Common question #4. How can I make my house more personable? 

If you’re asking this question you’re not alone.  Many of Annabelle’s first time clients share this sentiment about their living space.  They describe a lack of pleasantness they feel at home.  It may start with a fabric, or maybe a focal piece – which in many homes is the sofa.  And remember, an Annabelle’s interior designer is available to assist at no additional cost to you. 

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