Make a memorable impression the next time you host a gathering or entertain guests

Whenever you welcome someone into your home, expect your guests to take a good long look at everything in it. It’s just natural, whether consciously or sub-consciously. And while it might seem like they’re eavesdropping, remember – they are your guests! You invited them. So why not make memorable impression? Here’s how:

The First Impression

Imagine opening the front doors of your home for the very first time. What impression do you get? If it’s not simply breathtaking, there’s room for improvement. An eye-catching chandelier will certainly captivate the attention of your guests, but what if your front foyer space is limited? Fear not, the right chest and mirror, giving the appearances of a much more open space can bring light into the room and leave a beautiful first impression.

Be Intentional

You have control over what you bring attention to in your home. Create focal points that catch people’s eye, shifting the attention where you want it (and away from where you don’t). A well-placed floral arrangement, a piece of art, or a beautiful new accessory can quickly become a conversation piece. The right jewelry piece for your interior design can have a big impact the impression your home gives. Known for finding distinct, one-of-a-kind pieces the past forty years, you’ve come to right place with Annabelle’s to get help in this department!

The Right Anchor Pieces

Would you like to be set for dinner at the fold-up card table wedged in the hallway? Neither will your guests. Not having enough seating is the quickest way to leaving an unfavorable impression –the exact opposite from you’re trying to achieve. While it may seem extravagant to order a beautiful new dining table or sectional so you can host your guests, keep in mind you can select more classic, timeless looking anchor furniture that’ll live well beyond the occasion. Then dress it up for the occasion with the right accessories and for the right impression. Just remember, custom ordering these pieces can’t be done overnight so be sure you allow three months (more in some cases), for your piece to arrive. But it’s worth the wait… after all, it is made especially for you!

Don’t Forget the Drapes

Let’s pretend you’re heading out on a date with that special someone. You’ve carefully selected your outfit, your shoes, and the right lipstick. But just as you’re heading out, you notice a slight chill in the air. Without thinking, you reach for your outdated, mismatched jacket to wrap yourself in. What’s the first thing your date sees? Don’t make that mistake in your home. Often forgotten, drapery can dramatically and impressionably change the tone in any room. And the joy they bring you each time you see them will last well beyond your gathering.

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