Living Room Furniture Possibilities

Why Clients Choose Annabelle’s for Their Living Room Furniture 

Annabelle’s Fine Furniture has helped  thousands throughout the Tampa Bay  area furnish their living rooms in a unique and personal way the past 40 years. Now, with so many people growing accustomed with impersonal e-commerce sites or big box furniture stores; the Annabelle’s experience is even more relevant today.  At Annabelle’s, you’ll enjoy the complimentary assistance from  our talented in-house interior designers. We will help you identify the perfect  solution to complete  your living room in a style you love.

How to Work with Annabelle’s

  1. Decide if you’re looking for a single piece or redesigning your entire living room
  2. Discuss your style preferences with Annabelle’s (we’re here to help). 
  3. We’ll show you options in the correct size, style, budget and timeframe.
  4. Let’s get started, together!

Use These Photos as a Starting Point

Browse our living room furniture gallery photos for inspiration. They represent only a small sample of the endless possibilities we can provide you. One of the main benefits of working with an interior designer to help you choose furniture is that you get to select the fabric and finish that’s a perfect match to your home and personal style.

High Quality from the Best Furniture Brands

Annabelle’s carries only the very best, highest quality living room furniture brands. Here are some that we carry that offer many options for personalization:

  • Hancock & Moore
  • Century
  • Stickley
  • Bradington-Young
  • Taylor King
  • Smith Brothers
  • John-Richard
  • Theodore Alexander
  • Vanguard Furniture

Let’s Get Started

If you’re ready to love your living room, contact us today.  Or visit our Tampa showroom just minutes from Tampa and see what’s available right from on our showroom floor!

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