Hickory White

Hickory White Furniture

Hickory White has a long tradition of creating furniture that is innovative as well as timeless. Founded in 1881 in Mebane, North Carolina this family-owned business has served the needs of the community and, more recently, the wider world for over a century. Their skilled artisans proudly handcraft each piece to your specifications.

Why Annabelle’s Clients and Interior Designers Choose Hickory White Furniture

Hickory White has what every discerning furniture buyer is interested in when looking for quality furniture… today’s style statement, hand-tailored and hand-crafted by skilled artisans. Annabelle’s Tampa, Florida Interior Designers are sure to assist in finding the perfect Hickory White furniture piece to fit your style. At Hickory White, every element of each piece is fully customized.

  • Upholstery — With over 700 fabrics, clients can find the look and feel that’s a perfect match for their home and style.
  • Finishes — Hickory White offers 60 custom finishes and 11 striping techniques.
  • Accent Pieces — You can choose among exotic materials or request a custom finish that you prefer.

All Hickory White furniture is created in a way that allows your creativity to run free. Craftsmanship and attention to detail are why Annabelle’s interior designers choose Hickory White furniture.

Each piece of Hickory White furniture is created with the goal of empowering your creative spirit through unparalleled customization options. This dedication to detail is another reason why Annabelle’s Interior Designers in Tampa Bay choose Hickory White furniture. 

Ready to bring Hickory White furniture to your home? Our Interior Designers are ready to help you find the perfect pieces to fit your needs and style. Contact us or visit Annabelle’s showroom in Tampa, Florida to get started.

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