Lillian August

Lillian August Furniture 

Lillian August designs furniture that is made for the modern lifestyle. It appeals to those with elegant and eclectic tastes, drawing from many styles and periods. The most discerning customers and designers, including Annabelle’s clients and interior designers in Tampa, appreciate the unique sensibility of Lillian August designs.

Why Annabelle’s Clients and Interior Designers in Tampa Choose Lillian August Furniture

Contemporary design for furniture and accessories takes many forms. Many customers, however, are looking for a fresh approach, one that will give their homes a more distinctive look. Lillian August creates designs inspired by creative storytelling, made for comfort and livability as well as aesthetic pleasure. Annabelle’s clients and interior designers look to Lillian August’s furniture for her unique approach to modern design. 

Products and Collections

Lillian August offers a wide selection of products that harmonize with any lifestyle and that will enhance any home. Whether you’re seeking a sofa, cabinet, chair, sectional, dining table or anything else to complete a room, you can choose from many constantly updated collections.

  • Classics — Original takes on classical pieces such as tables, chests, chairs, bookcases and many other items.
  • LA Express — Distinctive bestselling upholstery and casegoods available in select fabrics, customized to your needs to create a distinctive look for your home.
  • Modern Living — The Modern Living collection emphasizes comfort and a casual yet elegant look to accommodate people’s busy lives. Popular pieces include Dalton Dining Table, Julien Chest, Newman Chair and the Turner Swivel Chair.
  • Custom Shop — You can create your own unique pieces, including Ottomans, sectionals and chairs choosing the fabrics and colors that are perfect for your home.
  • Outdoor furniture — Pieces chosen for outdoor living, including accent tables, sofas, sectionals, chairs and more.

With these and many other choices, it’s possible to design every piece to perfectly match your needs and style preferences. People from all walks of life, including Annabelle’s interior designers in Tampa, appreciate Lillian’s lifestyle designs for the way they integrate so seamlessly into all types of contemporary settings. Her unparalleled point of view provides solutions for the way people live, work, play and relax today. 

Ready to bring Lillian August furniture to your home? Our Interior Designers are ready to help you find the perfect pieces to fit your needs and style. Contact us or visit Annabelle’s showroom to get started.