3 Challenges and the 3 Tips for Busy Professionals to Love their Homes Today.

We have discovered that busy professionals come to Annabelle’s with three common challenges.

Challenge #1: You are busy. Time is your most limited resource. You need someone who has the expertise to help you discover the best solution for you in the least amount of time. You cannot afford to waste your time looking at hundreds of manufacturers and options.

#2: You don’t know where to start. This is why you know to leverage the expertise of others. You want to get the job done right… the first time. Our interior designer will guide you every step of the way – from start to finish.

#3: You have a sense of what you like… you just don’t know how to get there.

Our interior designers are trained specifically to help find the right solution for each room of your house. They know the right questions to ask – to develop your proposal and define your unique style.

That is why Annabelle’s provides you with an interior designer, not a salesperson.  Your designer will listen and help you solve these three challenges. In the end, it is about having a home that you love. Your special place… unlike any others’.

Three Tips that Will Help Your Save Time and Get the Home You Love

Tip #1:  Save time by starting with one room.  

It’s wise to pick a single room as your first priority.  That will allow your Annabelle’s Interior Designer to understand your space, your needs, and your goals, with a more narrow focus.  Your designer can then offer you a clear proposal for a solution – a complete package based on years of expertise. You will benefit from having fewer decisions to make and a quicker path to completion.

It is helpful if you can jot down in advance your typical use of that room.  For instance, a dining room can be for everyday use or just special occasions.  A family room can be focused around entertainment centers, intimate conversation groupings or flexible for multipurpose us.  It’s also helpful to note what you most like about the room currently, as well as your regrets.

Tip #2: Save time by establishing a working budget.

A budget is not just about how much money you intend to spend.  Instead, it provides a reference point to guide the overall design planning.

The designer uses your budget to determine the right combination of furniture, accessories and lighting.  Typically one item (such as a living room sofa) becomes the design centerpiece, and complemented with good quality, but lower priced items, to complete the overall look and function of your room, while staying within your budget.  

Without a budget, the designer might offer a higher-priced solution that will require additional time and consideration, as you make modifications to meet your true budget for the project.

Tip #3:  Save time by developing trust with your Annabelle’s designer.

As in any other professional relationship, you get more done in less time when there’s mutual trust.  By getting one project completed, you have established your tastes and trust. Future projects then take less of your time to complete.  Our busiest professional clients like to remind us of that. That’s why the professional who initially told us, “I’m busy, I’m successful and I hate my house,” later texted, “I’ll never buy furniture anywhere else.”

Isn’t it time to be in the Home you Love?

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