Tired of the same old options from big box furniture stores that sell the same pieces over and over until all home interiors look exactly the same?  Well, good news! You can stand apart.

THE TOP 4 REASONS most people who shop Annabelle’s choose custom furniture designs.  

By Trudy Waterworth, Annabelle’s Interior Designer

Century Living Room

Taylor King Living Room

1. Make It Your Own!

The goal with custom furniture is to express yourself.  You know your tastes and your style. Allow your furniture to be an extension of who you are.  

2. Accommodate Your Lifestyle and Your Needs.  

Don’t overlook the obvious.  Custom furniture allows you to create pieces that accommodate your day-to-day needs.  Do you suffer from hip or knee pain? Perhaps you require a specific sofa depth. Have allergies?  Be mindful of the fabrics you select. Or how about your household – is it active and filled with kids or pets?  Choosing the right materials and custom furniture design can make all the difference.

3. Design to Your Space

Just like a perfect dress, your furniture should fit properly.  Custom furniture is designed to fit the right dimensions.

4. Complement Existing Pieces

Create harmony in your home with custom furniture.  Complement existing pieces – whether it is an heirloom furniture piece that has been passed down through your family or a more recent purchase that you want to highlight in your home.  

Remember, custom furniture is worth the wait!  

Those who haven’t ordered custom manufactured furniture tend to ask the same question – how long will it take?  

Perhaps a better question is: can you afford not to wait for custom furniture?  

Sure, the average custom furniture can take 8-12 weeks (or even longer in some instances – based on the particular manufacturer, type of piece, amount of customization, and any specific back-log they may be experiencing)… but the results are stunning!  And personal. And entirely yours.

Taylor King Living Room

Hancock & Moore Living Room