3 Myths and 3 Tips to design a home in a style that’s uniquely you!

We have discovered three myths from clients who have come to us from other furniture stores. 

Myth #1: All designs are equal.

We respectfully disagree.  While it’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, only a novice would suggest that anyone can create a well-designed interior.   Annabelle’s interior design team has years of experience to know the difference.   

Myth #2: 

Furniture from one ‘big box’ store is sufficient for all.

Not so.  Most chains carry proprietary furniture or a limited number of manufacturers. As a result, your own home ends up looking like their showroom; and not much different than your neighbor’s living room.  With access to over 100 fine furniture manufacturers, Annabelle’s finds a look unique to you.   

Myth #3: “Don’t worry, we’ll make it work”.

Not true.  Rather than trying to force a design, a style, or a piece of furniture within a particular setting, Annabelle’s customizes your design with precise specifications and style for you and your home.  So the next time someone tells you not to worry, that’s the time to start.

Three Tips to design a home in your style

Tip #1:  Trust the true you – and let your home reflect it

Your exquisite style defines everything you do.  You know what you like.  Your Annabelle’s interior designer will help you find those unique items that make you home like none other. Let every room serve your lifestyle, your interests and your tastes.  We’ll help you find just the right elements. 

Tip #2:  Add the Right “Jewelry”

Sure, the right little black dress can make a statement on its own… but add the right pair of earrings, necklace, and lipstick and you’ll really turn heads.  And ladies, let’s not forget that purse!  Your home interior is no different.  It starts with the right statement-making furniture pieces. These lay the foundation for the room… but that’s just the beginning. 

How you ‘dress’ up the room from here really makes it your own.  Add the right rug, lighting, artwork or accessories and voila!… you are home!  Who knows…you may even be tempted to click your heels three times each time you enter.    

Tip #3:  Harmonize your home

Just as you have your own identity, so can every room in your home. While each must serve its function, it is important that each room flows eloquently into the next.  This careful balance is no different than a master chef adding complementary tastes to a dinner plate.  (The alternative is a hodge-podge of color and flavor that’ll churn your senses and upset your stomach.) 

Your complimentary Annabelle’s interior designer will help you ensure that your home is the masterpiece you deserve… with each room working in harmony.

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