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Nestled in the heart of Trinity, FL, with a stunning golf course view, a remarkable transformation has taken place. Lauren Ryngala, a visionary interior designer, has crafted an outdoor living space that perfectly encapsulates the Florida lifestyle while pushing the boundaries of traditional design. This blog explores how Lauren turned a client’s dream into reality, creating a space that is as much a testament to modern organic design as it is to the brands that helped bring the vision to life.

A Unique Vision for Florida Outdoor Living

The client, a New Yorker who has fully embraced the Florida weather, sought to merge her indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly. She desired an outdoor area that was distinct from the chunky wicker furniture commonly seen, aiming for a design that flowed with the interior of her home. With large sliders that remain open, the space needed to be inviting, functional, and above all, unique.

Crafting a Modern Organic Oasis

Lauren’s design approach was clear from the onset – to achieve a modern organic feel by leveraging the strengths of multiple vendors. The project featured selections from Palecek for their sleek outdoor furniture, Summer Classics for their durable and stylish patio pieces, Bernhardt for adding a touch of elegance, Uttermost for unique decorative items, New Growth Designs for lifelike greenery, and Gabby for their distinctive accents.

The incorporation of two chaise lounges with navy fabric and baby blue in-pool ledge chairs set the color palette: a blend of light and dark blues with neutral tones to mirror the home’s interior. This choice allowed the outdoor space to feel like a natural extension of the home, providing a fluid transition between indoor and outdoor living.


Personal Style and Finishing Touches

Understanding the client’s personal style was key. Through a comprehensive design brief and home visits, Lauren unearthed the client’s preferences, which informed every aspect of the design process. The project’s success was in the details – the mixing of materials, the choice of color palette, and the selection of furniture that offered both comfort and style.

The most rewarding moment for both Lauren and the client came during the photoshoot. It was then that the space truly came to life, adorned with accessories and finishing touches that showcased the beauty and functionality of the design.


Conclusion: A Testament to Design Innovation in Florida Outdoor Living

This project stands as a beacon of innovation in outdoor living design. By moving away from conventional choices and embracing a modern organic aesthetic, Lauren Ryngala has created a space that is not only beautiful but also reflective of the client’s lifestyle and the vibrant outdoor culture of Florida.

The transformation of this Trinity, FL, home is a clear testament to the power of creative design and the importance of personal style. It highlights how the right mix of high-quality brands like Palecek, Summer Classics, Bernhardt, Uttermost, New Growth Designs, and Gabby can create an outdoor oasis that is both unique and timeless.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Outdoor Space?

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