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In the journey of luxury interior design, creating a home that reflects the client’s unique lifestyle and preferences is both an art and a science. This is a philosophy embraced by Annabelle’s Fine Furniture and Interior Design, led by the expertise of Lead Interior Designer Dana Moore and Senior Interior Designer Trudy Waterworth. Their latest endeavor, an award-winning waterfront project, showcases their unparalleled ability to merge functionality with sheer elegance. This project is a hallmark of sophistication, integrating brands such as Lillian August, Century, Hickory White, and Ambella to craft a space that not only caters to the client’s transitional style but also enhances the breathtaking waterfront views with slight modern coastal touches.


Crafting Luxury Interior Design with a Purpose

This project was deeply influenced by the client’s desire for a living space that was both elegant and welcoming, a sanctuary that could gracefully withstand the lively visits from family and friends.  The selection of durable yet luxurious fabrics became a cornerstone of the design strategy. Dana Moore meticulously chose materials like luxury cottons, poly blends, silk, and acrylics, ensuring each piece not only stood out for its beauty but also its ability to invite touch and interaction, truly defining the essence of luxury living.

An Open, Airy, and Refreshing Home Design

Tasked with creating an open, airy, relaxing, and refreshing ambiance, Dana and Trudy ingeniously utilized luxury brands and thoughtful design methodologies to imbue the home with a casual yet sophisticated atmosphere. The inviting warmth of the guest rooms and the coastal luxury evident in the master bedroom—with its serene view of the inter-coastal waters—epitomize the project’s successful realization of the client’s vision for a well-designed, classic, and relaxing home environment.

Unparalleled Custom Elements and Artisan Craftsmanship

Custom and handmade elements throughout the home showcase artisan craftsmanship at its finest. From the bespoke chest featuring hand-designed pulls by Hickory White to the striking Charleston Forge iron console table crowned with a thick cast glass top, these pieces not only serve as focal points but also exemplify Annabelle’s commitment to integrating custom details that reflect the client’s personal style and the unique character of the space.


Seamless Integration of Design and Luxury Interior Design

What distinguishes this project is the flawless incorporation of high-end materials and luxury furniture brands to leverage the home’s stunning location. Brands like Lillian August, with its sophisticated sofas and beds, and Century’s distinctive tables, play pivotal roles in achieving a look that Dana and Trudy describe as “exquisite.” The living space, anchored by a Lillian August sofa and complemented by Century’s guanacaste live edge table, transcends traditional design to create a haven of tranquility and luxury.

A Rewarding Journey to Elegance and Relaxation

Reflecting on the project, Dana Moore shares, “The most rewarding aspect was blending Interior Design with luxury brands to meet our client’s goals of elegance and relaxation, culminating in a lifelong friendship.” This sentiment underscores the ethos of Annabelle’s Fine Furniture and Interior Design: every project is a voyage towards crafting spaces that not only meet but exceed client expectations, thereby fostering a deep sense of satisfaction and harmony.

“The most rewarding aspect was blending Interior Design with luxury brands to meet our client’s goals of elegance and relaxation, culminating in a lifelong friendship.”


In Conclusion: A Celebration of Thoughtful Luxury Interior Design

Led by Dana Moore and Trudy Waterworth, this latest masterpiece from Annabelle’s Fine Furniture and Interior Design is a testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design, personalized touches, and a commitment to quality. By incorporating esteemed brands and custom elements into their design approach, they’ve crafted a space that epitomizes comfort, elegance, and personal style, making every moment spent within its walls a testament to the beauty and functionality of interior design. This project stands as a beacon, showcasing how Annabelle’s Fine Furniture and Interior Design enhances lives by transforming living spaces into luxurious sanctuaries of peace and beauty.

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